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At Home Microdermabrasion Cream For Routine Exfoliation

At-Home Microdermabrasion Cream For Routine Exfoliation

We have created Bioskinexfol, an at-home microdermabrasion cream based on the same base in Bioskincare with enzymes and microcrystals that abrade or exfoliate the epidermis, the upper most layer. This microdermabrasion product for use at-home allows you to achieve results that are similar to those you would get with a machine in a professional setting. It physically exfoliates and helps to slough away the top layer of skin and gives your skin a healthy glow. It also helps to increase cell turnover.

Our at-home microdermabrasion cream contains enzymes that help to remove the bonds between dead cells

What is an enzyme?
An enzyme is a biochemical, a protein linked to some other molecule or element, that speeds up the rate of chemical reactions without being consumed in the reaction itself. Enzymes are incredibly useful in biological processes because they can make a reaction that normally requires that dangerously-high temperatures occur at normal body temperatures. In the food industry, enzymes are used to help ripen fruits, tenderize meats and produce things like wine and cheese.

Certain enzymes are effective exfoliants and can be gentler than other methods like scrubs and microdermabrasion. The upper layer of your cutis is mostly made of dead skin cells containing keratin protein.
Enzymes work on the surface of the cutis (epidermis and dermis), dissolving and removing surface cells. The enzymes work by specifically breaking down the keratin protein, resulting in smoother skin.

From uneven tone to acne, the gentle, chemical exfoliation that comes from the routine use of enzymes is recommended to create more even, smooth, and clear skin. As we age, our cell turnover rate decreases and can result in a dry, rough, or dull appearance. Enzymes gently digest and remove dead, superficial cells. This type of exfoliation aids in removing the flaking outer layer to reveal smoother, brighter, fresher skin. It also allows an increased penetration of beneficial ingredients into the deeper layers. And stimulates cell renewal.

Other enzymes like SOD Superoxide dismutases contained in the snail secretions that power our at-home microdermabrasion cream catalyze the dismutation of superoxide (O2−) into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide and functions as a scavenger of free radicals. It also protects cells against oxidative damage. Simply put, enzymes can protect against damage from sun, environmental pollutants and even acne.

What will you notice with an at-home microdermabrasion cream

With an at-home microdermabrasion cream you will notice softer skin, fewer fine lines and even a reduction in acne and it won’t cause any redness or irritation. An at-home microdermabrasion cream can benefit oily or dry skin, but those with sensitive skin should proceed with caution.

An at-home microdermabrasion cream helps to accelerate skin remodeling by inducing a small amount of controlled damage with the microcrystals, and subsequently allowing the body’s repair processes rebuild the area. A second method is to use healing accelerators to increase the body’s natural healing processes and obtain even better final results. This is what our at-home exfoliation cream provides as it contains the snails secretions that are proven to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues.

BIOSKINEXFOL is best for raised or flat scars and for rough stretch marks, not only for routine exfoliation. The product is the same as BIOSKINCARE but infused with micro-crytals so that you may rub it on old scars, usually very hard and tough, so that the physical breakdown achieved by microdermabrasion helps the enzymes in the cream to dissolve the scars more quickly.

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Try Bioskinexfol At-Home Microdermabrasion Crean And Get Your Skin Healthy Again, Quickly!


I’ve been using this at-home microdermabrasion cream for months now and I LOVE it!! My skin looks and feels softer, supple and hydrated. It hasn’t been this way since I was a teenager! I have gotten amazing results especially on my acne scars. My face is clearer and it’s amazing but, your BIOSKINEXFOL took care not only of the scars, but also, since I have been using it, I only get breakouts during my ‘time-of-the-month’ and even then it is very minor. I’m so happy to have a product to keep my skin looking good. And the best part is that it isn’t filled with chemicals. Please, don’t ever stop making this product!

S.W, US.

I had severe acne 20 years ago, and it left me a number of huge scars. I had long given up on looking for a treatment to get rid of them. Recently, some large spots appeared, and nothing seemed to work on them. I was beginning to despair until I stumbled upon your web-site and decided to give your at-home BIOSKINEXFOL a try. After just one month, the unsightly spots were gone, and though occasionally some spots appear, they quickly dry up. My scars are almost totally gone and I can’t be happier. In addition, many close friends have commented on my youthful, wrinkle-free complexion. I will definitely continue to use your marvelous treatment! Thank you for changing my life!

M.K., United Kingdom

I have been using the BIOSKINEXFOL for 6 weeks now, and I really love it (for stretch marks in my legs and belly)

Daniela Pompeu. New York