How To Remove Keloid Scars Naturally
With 2 Whole Naturally Occurring Ingredients That Are Compatible With Your Biology

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Keloid Scars Removal And Prevention of Post Surgery Scars With Bioskinrepair Scar Cream


Here we present a scar removal cream made with a naturally occurring immune serum for the skin that we discovered by keen observation and a good dose of luck. This product prevents, shrinks, heals keloid scars and stops itching without steroids or injections, or the inconvenience and non-compliance of silicone gels or sheets, or the risks of surgery.

BIOSKINREPAIR absorbs easily and is not staining. When applied on keloid scars twice a day every day, for a period of time that depends on age and severity of scar tissues and damage, results begin to be noticeable within a few days and itching usually stops immediately.

Scientifically & Clinically Challenged

Copyright © 2007 S. Karger AG. “Molecular basis for the regenerative properties of a secretion of the mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa“. as published by the Library of The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, in New York; and the US National Library Of Medicine National Institutes of Health:

The cream interacts with scar tissue and orchestrates the intricate balance between the deposition of new collagen and the enzymatic degradation of excess fibers formed to reconnect broken tissues after injury. This yields scars removal.

It signals the body to reorganize itself properly during the healing process or after a wound has healed.

The scars removal cream is made with a natural biological ingredient, collected from live land snails. The same they use to quickly repair their own skin and shell when damaged. It is a serum secreted by the immune cells of snails of the species Helix Aspersa, that they have in glands located among their skin tissues and we humans do not have. It is gathered through a process that does no harm to the snails. The serum is the core ingredient in a series of natural skincare products formulated for skin ailings and beauty care.
Other ingredients in the cream are all natural and help to relieve symptoms. Bioskinrepair reduces scars, and relieves itching.

The complexity and synergistic effects the serum that live snails secrete copiously when damaged to protect their tissues, and achieve scar less repair quickly, parallels the complexity of wound or injury healing. Thus, it is no minor challenge to try to explain what specifically about those secretions conquers these particular human disorders and achieves scars removal.

The snail serum has been scientifically & clinically challenged by independent dermatology institutions. They have proven the serum to be powerfully antioxidant, repair damage to cells’ DNA, have fibroblast growth factor activity that extends the life of senescent or aged fibroblasts (the stem cells of the skin) and, orchestrate the orderly process of damaged skin regeneration without excess or aberrant scarring and helps to remove excess scarring.

The studies were performed in 2007 and 2012 by dermatologists from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and, from other prestigious institutions of North America and Europe.

Scientific breakdown of the snail substance has determined that it contains enzymes and growth factor like molecules that regulate cell repair and regeneration. Also present are natural glycoproteins, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) that restore the capacity of the skin to hold in water.

The scientific research published in 2007 by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center reports:

“A screen for natural products bearing pharmacological properties has yielded a secretion of the mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa (SCA), which possesses skin-regenerative properties. In this report, we outline some of the cellular and molecular effects underlying this observation.

First, we found that SCA contained antioxidant SOD and GST activities. In addition, SCA stimulated fibroblast proliferation and rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton.

Additional mechanisms involved in the regenerative effect of SCA included the stimulation of extracellular matrix assembly and the regulation of metalloproteinase activities. Together, these effects provide an array of molecular mechanisms underlying SCA-induced cellular regeneration and postulate its use in regeneration of wounded tissue”.
Clinical trials have demonstrated its powerful healing properties on skin damaged after being submitted to radioactivity in nuclear plants or in radiotherapy for cancer.

Radiodermatitis is redness, dryness, thinning and weeping of skin because of loss of integrity of the skin barrier as a consequence of exposure to radiotherapy for cancer tumors or nuclear radioactivity and can leave ulcerations, scars, hyperpigmentation, alopecia, pain, itching, sclerosis, destruction of tissues (necrosis), cancerous (carcinoma) and precancerous lesions.
According to "the sweet science of glycobiology” biological functions of the enzymes and proteoglycans include the regulation of cell growth, signaling, inflammation, tumorigenesis, and interactions with pathogens. GAGs also provide hydration and swelling pressure to tissues enabling them to withstand compression forces.

According to the team of researchers lead by Salvador Gonzalez, a Dermatologist formed in Spain and working at the derm service of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, in New York, “the natural serum contains glycans, enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Gluthatione (GST) antioxidant activities” […], “and has regenerative properties”. The compound “promotes proliferation, migration and survival of keratinocytes [skin cells in the outer layer of the skin] and dermal fibroblasts [the stem cells of the skin]”.

The reserch studies were published in peer reviewed dermatology journals. First in “Skin Pharmacology and Physiology”, on January 2008. The second more in depth study in “International Journal of Cosmetic Science”, on January 2012. Both are also published at the website of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The cells and extracellular matrix in the skin of snails is similar to human skin and among their tissues Helix Aspersa snails have 13 sub epidermal secretory gland types, that we humans do not have.

The foot of the gastropod produces a secretion for crawling on, the other areas of the body secrete a kind of mucus designed to coat the external parts of the body; this coating helps prevent desiccation of the exposed soft tissues and provide all the nourishing molecules skin cells need to function at its full potential, and repair skin and body, and even regenerate fully functional eyes after it survives injuries when attacked by predators or burned.

On the regeneration of the eye in Helix aspersa and Cryptomphallus aspersa. Instituto de Biología Celular, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Buenos Aires Cell and Tissue Research 01/1973; 142(1):63-68. DOI: 10.1007/BF00306704

ABSTRACT: The distal half of the posterior tentacle of adult Helix aspersa and Cryptomphallus aspersa was removed and the proximal half was studied with light and electron microscopy after different intervals. The tentacle itself does not regenerate, but the receptor organs at the distal end of the normal tentacle differentiate at the level of the section. The newly formed eye is smaller than the control; however, its components and subcellular characteristics resemble those of the normal eye. The newly generated eye usually possesses the same structure as the native one, differing principally only in size. The events of eye regeneration appear to recapitulate embryonic eye formation, i.e. the sequence of invagination, pigmentation and differentiation of lens, optic nerve and retinal patterns.

The Beauty & Genious Of A Non-Trauma Exfoliation

The beauty and genius of the snail secretions is that they dissolve the bonds in damaged tissues and fibers without affecting the healthy tissues and proteins. It causes a NON-TRAUMA exfoliation, little by little when used for a month or so. And at the same time it nourishes the cells and they properly orchestrate the healthy and natural process of orderly and periodic skin regeneration.

The later is important for scars, deep hyperpigmentation and other imperfections because if there is too little skin rebuilding, then the enzyme “digestion” (or in other cases an exfoliating, peeling agent or laser burning) may cause further damage, scarring and/or inflammation.

With the enzymes there is no burning or harsh treatment or damage to heal, and thus the process of skin regeneration proceeds swiftly revealing a refreshed skin, softer texture and healthier, naturally beautiful skin.

The same has given us insights on how to exfoliate the face properly to cleverly clean the pores deep inside, and assist in the removal of hardened sebum in whiteheads, and smooth and refine the skin’s texture, to yield a soft, supple look. And improve blood circulation to the face, offering the appearance of a fresh radiance.

For scars and restoring normal skin color the product must be applied twice daily and an improvement should be noted in a month, but obtaining a cosmetically satisfying result may take several months. Going slow is better than trying to rush the process. Skin can only rebuild so fast.

Our products can also be used with traditional skin renewal methods such as lasers, deep peels, and dermabrasion, and in combination with microdermabrasion (as we do it in our home microdermabrasion cream: BIOSKINEXFOL). These more vigorous procedures rapidly remove any scar tissue. But subsequent problems arise if the skin fails to heal rapidly. This can produce inflamed, reddish skin for up to a year before healing is complete. In this case, supplying the skin with the nutrients it needs, including the natural copper peptides in the immune serum, can facilitate the skin post-procedure recovery.

What are Keloid Scars?

A keloid is an abnormal proliferation of scar tissue that forms at the site of cutaneous injury (eg, on the site of a surgical incision, piercing or trauma).

Keloid scars are excessively thick and fibrous, tumour-like growths that extend beyond a wound’s original limit. While not dangerous, keloids may itch, cause pain or be tender to the touch. Over time, they can develop claw-like projections into the surrounding area. In the worse cases, they can be quite disfiguring.

Scar tissue is formed as part of the normal healing process. It inevitably forms whenever our body’s tissue is damaged. Most people understand scars that form as a result of a cut or burn, as they are easy to see, but scar also forms internally when we injukeloids-chinre our muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Unfortunately, scar tissue is not as functional as the tissue that it replaces. Normal tissue in the body has a consistent form and our healthy skeletal muscle tissue is formed of collagen that sits in a striated fashion (lined up parallel to one another). It allows for normal contraction and flexibility.

When scar tissue forms after injury, our body produces collagen excessively. The initial production of granulation is necessary to provide tensile strength to the injured site. In certain circumstances, the granulation leads to contraction of the scar and to poor structural organisation of the components of regenerating muscle and scar tissue. This leads to a lack of flexibility in the tissue and often this poor structural organization can cause pain, itching and dysfunction.

We like to use a paint brush as an example. If we take the correct steps to store the brush after use, we can pull out the brush and use it easily for our next project. The brush starts out as a soft, supple parallel group of bristles that can bend easily in many directions. If we simplykeloids let the bristles dry, they start to bind to one another and the brush loses its flexibility and function. The brush cracks and bends irregularly. At this point more care is required to rehabilitate the brush and get it back to work. Hence early diagnosis and treatment of the brush is a necessity.

It is important to know that all injured tissue will develop scarring to some extent. When the scarring prevents normal function of the affected tissue or joint, pain or restricted function exists. This is why we encourage all people who have experienced an injury to have their injuries assessed, to receive advice in the early stages of injury and to have a proper treatment regime started.

Information on this site is not a substitute for physiotherapist or physician’s directed care.

Keloid scars usually originate from an injury such a burn or severe acne, but they can also arise from minor injury as for example a scratch, razor cut or an insect bite. While the skin begins healing normally, something goes awry and the scar overfills with collagen, causing it to swell and enlarge.



For Keloid and Raised Hypertrophic Scars - Relieves Itching and Shrinks Scars. Prevents post surgery and post trauma scars when applied soon after or before (surgery) injury.
50 gr (1.76 oz) $84.95 + s&h ($10 within the US, and ~ $40 International). Orders for 2 you save 10%.
Best value: order 3 and get a 20% discount.

Active Ingredients

  • The cream is made with Helix Aspersa Müller GlycoConjugates (snail secretions) and a botanical ingredients that play an important role in degranulation and halting keloid itching:
  • Extract of Butterbur Herb (Petasites japonicus). It has the ability to minimize mast cell degranulation and histamine release and thus it is effective at helping to relieve discomfort in keloids and in sensitive skin associated with itching and irritation.
Topical application of BIOSKINREPAIR CREAM on wounds and scars regulates and and/or decreases dermal fibroblast proliferation and excess collagen production, and thus prevents and reduces keloid scars and hyperthropic scars. It also strengthens the skin and thus helps to avoid atrophic scars (stretch marks).


To Prevent Stretch Marks & Take Away New Ones.
  • Nourishes & Rejuvenates The Skin

  • Tones Up Beauty

  • Dims Wrinkles

  • Moisturizes

  • Antioxidant

  • Repairs DNA damage

  • Regenerates Skin Tissues

  • Prevents Blemishes

  • Removes Stretch Marks

  • It also invigorates skin affected by harsh treatments like isotretinoin (Accutane) or retinoids used for acne treatment, dermabrasion, laser burning, and fruit acid or chemical peels which thicken the skin too much when used regularly.

  • Repairs skin damage caused by oxidative stress from excess solar radiation exposition (photoaging), environmental pollution and toxins, or tobacco.


Bioskinexfol for clever deep cleansing twice a week and for acne scars or stretch marks twice a day

Use it with your finger tips for deep pore cleansing or with a handheld electric massager for acne scars
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • At Home Microdermabrasion
  • Polishes Away Superficial Imperfections
  • Over Time It Reduces Acne Scarring
  • Dissolves Damaged Tissues Deep Into The Skin
  • Plumps Up Ice-Pick Scars
  • Moisturizes
  • Antioxidant
  • Repairs DNA
  • Regenerates Skin Tissues
  • Prevents Blemishes
  • Helps To Remove Discoloration

At Home Microdermabrasion Cream


  • Distilled Water (solvent)
  • Olivates emulsifier derived from Olive Oil
  • Sorbitan Olivate from Olive Oil (moisturizer)
  • Squalane from Olive Oil (natural moisturizer and antioxidant)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (in solution - moisturizer)
  • Biocutis® Serum: Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates
  • Only in Bioskinexfol: Corundum (Aluminium oxide) is the second hardest natural mineral known to science (next to diamonds). It is an inert substance and it is insoluble in water and organic substances, and its melting point is 2000 degrees centigrade. MSDS indicate that it is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic for ingestion.

    These properties make corundum better for exfoliation compared to alternatives like sugar, salt, sea salt (magnesium oxide), or baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).
  • Glycerin (humectant)
  • SUPRAPEIN™, a synergistic combination of botanical extracts that yields a natural preservative with a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity.
One Bottle is 50 grams = 1.76 oz. $59.98 + s&h


Triggers Your Skin' s Own Regeneration Activators:

  • Effective antioxidant prevents premature wrinkles
  • Repairs sun damaged skin at the cellular level
  • Softens, tightens, firms and boosts skin's strength
  • Dissolves imperfections & minimizes wrinkles
  • Balanced and complete natural skin care solution
The serum has the highest concentration of snail secretions, combined with a stable form of Vitamin C, Seaweed Extracts (source of minerals) and Hyaluronic Acid (deep moisturizer).

Combining the snail secretions Vitamin C gets them to act in synergy as an intensive skin revitalizing treatment for sensitive skin prone to allergies, or dull, tired, sagging, photodamaged skin.

It also repairs skin damage caused by oxidative stresses from dermatology treatments such as peeling, laser, and from high solar radiation exposition (photoaging), use of dermatology drugs like retinoids, environmental pollution and toxins, or tobacco.

Also for facial skin that has taken more than its fair share of abuse or has been under serious drugs or harsh treatments, and might be crying for help. This deep intensive skin serum works best when used at night in combination with a BIOSKIN cream in the morning.

Keloid Scars Removal – African American & Asian Skin Care Concerns

No one thoroughly understands why keloids form and while surgery (traditional and cryosurgery) can remove keloid scars, they often return. Whatever the cause, there does appear to be a genetic component. This type of scarring is found most often in people of African and Asian origins and also seems to run in families.

Over-scarring also occurs in cases where the healing process doesn't complete the "remodeling" process properly. During this normal phase of healing the body adds more collagen to the scar for added strength and then it should start the removal of portions of it over time, continually shrinking the keloids. Sometimes this does not happen as it should and the result is excessive scarring or keloid scars.

Beauty Ritual

Keloids in some african tribes are sought after for a visual, 3-D effect and for tactile effects, and a beauty ritual.

Scarifying (also scarification modification) involves scratching, etching, burning / branding, or superficially cutting designs, pictures, or words into the skin as a permanent body modification. In the process of body scarification, scars are formed by cutting or branding the skin by varying methods (sometimes using further sequential aggravating wound healing methods at timed intervals, like irritation), to purposely influence wound healing to scar more and not scar less. Scarification is sometimes called cicatrization (from the French equivalent). sought for a visual, 3-D effect and for tactile effects.

Hypertrophic scars sometimes are difficult to distinguish from keloid scars, but unlike keloids, hypertrophic scars remain confined to the injury site and often mature and flatten out over time. Both types secrete larger amounts of collagen than normal scars, but typically the hypertrophic scars type exhibits declining synthesis of it after about six months (natural scar removal).

However, hypertrophic scars contain nearly twice as much glycosaminoglycan as normal scars, and this and enhanced enzymatic activity result in significant alterations in the matrix which affects the mechanical properties of the scars, including decreased extensibility that makes them feel firm.

As with hypertrophic scars, people who have developed one keloid scar are likely to be prone to this condition in the future and should alert their doctor or surgeon if they are likely to need injections or to have any form of surgery.

A Scientific Vision and How BIOSKINREPAIR Works for the Removal of Keloids

Keloids are fibrotic tumors characterized by a collection of atypical fibroblasts with excessive deposition of extracellular matrix components, especially collagen, fibronectin, elastin, and proteoglycans.

Histologically, keloid scars contain relatively acellular centers and thick, abundant collagen bundles that form nodules in the deep dermal portion of the lesion. Keloid scars or keloids present a therapeutic challenge that must be addressed as these lesions can cause significant pain, pruritus (itch) and physical disfigurement, may not improve in appearance over time, and can even limit mobility if located over a joint.

Cellular regeneration and how the body reproduces fibroblasts and digests damaged cells at the appropriate rate

After a wound has occurred both skin cells and connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) begin multiplying to repair the damage. The fibroblasts form a framework upon which the skin cells can migrate into and fill in the wound. It is the balance between the rates of replication of fibroblasts versus skin cells that is important here.

If the fibroblasts replicate too quickly, they can form a dense network that is not as easily penetrated by the skin cells and that results in a large raised scar or a keloid scar. If the skin cells keep up with the fibroblasts, then little scar tissue is formed and the tissues have a more normal appearance after the wound has healed.

BIOSKINREPAIR regulates the healing and scar removal process

Topical application of BIOSKINREPAIR CREAM on wounds and scars regulates and and/or decreases dermal fibroblast proliferation and excess collagen production, and thus prevents and reduces keloid scars and hyperthropic scars.

It also strengthens the skin and thus helps to avoid atrophic scars (stretch marks).

For Keloid and Raised Hypertrophic Scars - Relieves Itching and Shrinks Scars.

50 gr or 1.76 oz = $84.95 + s&h ($10 within the US, and ~ $40 International). Orders for 2 you save 15%.
Best value: order 3 and get a 20% discount.



  • Stimulates the replacement of damaged skin cells, getting rid of scar, keloid, hyperthropic, hyperpigmented, burns and necrotic tissues.
  • Decreases dermal fibroblast proliferation and excess collagen, and thus prevents and reduces keloid and hyperthropic scarring.
  • Inhibits microbiological activity of dangerous, pathogenic bacteria.
  • Regulates blood vessel formation and oxygenation within the skin.
  • Regulates collagen and elastin formation.
  • Stimulates the formation of glycosaminoglycans, the molecules that give tissues its capacity to keep in moisture.
  • Delivers precise amounts of the bioactive compound past the surface barrier of the skin and down to the target cells
  • Provides a constant supply of the biological ingredient to the target cells for 12 hours following a single application.
  • When used twice daily, BIOSKINREPAIR guarantees that damaged cells are constantly exposed to the bioactive elements that accelerate the healing process.

Testimonials of People Who Re-ordered Bioskinrepair for Keloid Scars

"Have a network of keloid scars on the beared area. There are so many and very big. About 7 days of using your product I saw a significant change to the scaring things on my face. Now after 6 weeks of using it the keloids have stopped growing and actually reduced size significantly."

Stephen Musarurwa. United Kingdom

"The back of my scalp has be overrun by keloids and folliculitis. I have been seeing a doctor and treating this condition for about 5 years with very minimal results. I have been using this product for about 2 months and close to 60% of the keloids are gone or noticeably smaller. The Folliculitis also seems to be healing. Thanks for a product that does what it says it will do."

Jack D Willm. Wyoming, USA

"Thank you for the outstanding product. I have a large keloid on the back of my neck. I went to the barber shop yesterday and the barber complimented me on how much improved the keloid looked, in fact she was shocked, she said that she had never seen that kind of improvement before. She asked what I used and I told her about your product, in fact I wrote it down for her. She said that so many people (especially African-American men like me) have keloids on the back of their necks and they are frustrated by the fact that they can't find any product that actually works. I am in the United States Navy and the barbershop that I went to is on the Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia Beach. The barber's name is Linda. I am completely in love with your product so if you need a testimonial from me or any other assistance, you have it anytime anyplace. People at work also complimented me on how improved my keloid is. Thank you again for the great product. Good luck and godspeed!! A very satisfied customer"

Rex R. Djere, Virginia, USA.


  • Prevents keloid scarring, stops keloids itching, shrinks keloids
  • Dissolves scar tissues by virtue of its enzymes and helps the process of rebuilding new collagen and elastin into the skin
  • Cumulative effects are more noticeable every day and become permanent
  • Yields remarkable scar reduction in weeks even after 3rd degree burns & surgical scars
  • Loosens and softens scar contractures when massaged into skin after burn healing
  • Aids attachment of skin grafts and flaps and recovery after scar revision
  • Accelerates keloid/raised scar reduction by itself and can be used below pressure/silicone sheets
  • Polishes skin, helps remove thick hypertrophic scars, triggers rebuilding of microcirculation
  • Accelerates skin renewal after laser surgery, glycolic peel or micro-dermabrasion, scar subcision or needling
  • Restores a younger skin by removing damaged proteins and replacing them with blemish free skin
  • Powered by BIOCUTIS® Serum
  • Promotes skin cell proliferation and new synthesis of collagen and elastin from within the skin
  • Protects from the effects of UVA radiation
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory as it metabolizes or breaks down the denatured proteins into its amino-acid components, which otherwise cause inflammaging, and instead releases amino-acids for the rebuilding of the skin structures
  • Protects skin by activity of low molecular antioxidants that have similar effects than those of Vitamin C but without the pitfalls or instability of cosmetics that contain Vitamin C
  • Replenishes the lipid barrier of the skin
  • Hydrates the skin and promotes the proliferation of glycosaminoglycans, the molecules that hold water in the skin from within and firm and strengthen sagging skin
  • Supports Your Immune System
  • No Side Effects
  • Money Back Guarantee

Ingredients in BIOSKINREPAIR

  • Distilled Water (solvent)
  • Olivates (emulsifiers derived from Olive Oil)
  • Squalane from Olive Oil (natural moisturizer and antioxidant)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (1% solution - moisturizer)
  • BIOCUTIS® Serum: Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates
  • Petasites Japonicus (Butterbur) Root Extract (Anti-irritant)
  • Glycerin (humectant)
  • Phenoxyethanol (preservant)
  • Ethylhexylglycerin (surfactant and preservant enhancer)
50 gr or 1.76 oz = $84.95 + s&h ($10 within the US, and ~ $40 International). Orders for 2 you save 15%.
Best value: order 3 and get a 20% discount:

Disclosure: We make no medical claims. Biocutis products are for cosmetic improvement of scars and other skin concerns. They affect biological processes, not diseases. They have not been evaluated by the FDA, because such is not required for cosmetic skin care products. For a medical problem please get advice from a health care professional.

Try BIOCUTIS® for 60 days Risk Free

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that we are offering you to try one of our products for 60 days.

If you are not completely satisfied send us an email within 60 days to "[email protected]", with a comment about your experience: valuable feedback for us. We will email you back a return number and our address for you to return the empty bottle. That's it.

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Source Of The Naturally Occurring Immune Serum
The Secretions As A Whole
Land snails aestivate during the hot weather inside their shell (similar to hibernation) and they emerge to an environment full of dangerous oxygen free radicals copiously bubbling their powerful antioxidant enzymes and skin regenerating secretions.

The antioxidants are the SOD Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme and Gluthatione, know as the "master antioxidants".
The Helix Aspersa Müller Snail
Helix aspersa or Cryptomphalus aspersa are the names zoologists give to the humble brown garden snail.

This species is capable of regenerating even fully functional eyes (located at the tip of their tentacles) when damaged by injurious attacks from predators or when burned by accident, with the help of their immune serum.