How to Treat Chicken Skin Bumps – Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

BIOSKINTREATMENT is a biological skin treatment cream for keratosis pilaris and acne.

The lotion is powered by a complex biological compound with enzymes that “digest” or breakdown the hard keratin plugs of the hair follicles and dissolve abnormal keratin and tissues, releasing their amino acids for the rebuilding of healthy tissues.

It boosts the production of glycosaminoglycans the water holding molecules in healthy skin. It contains copper peptides that speed skin recovery and antimicrobial peptides that control microbes. It addresses all the factors involved in keratosis pilaris, acne, inflammation, scars and skin blemishes.

The lotion also contains natural salicylic acid extracted from the Willow Bark Tree and softens scales, unclogs pores and acts as a biological activator of both the elimination of dead and damaged skin cells and the renewal of healthy cells.


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Keratosis pilaris is a very common genetic follicular disorder manifested by the appearance of rough bumps on the skin and hence colloquially referred to as “chicken skin” or “goose bumps”.

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Primarily, it appears on the back and outer sides of the upper arms, but can also occur on thighs and buttocks or any body part except glabrous skin (like the palms or soles of feet). Worldwide, keratosis pilaris affects an estimated 40 to 50% of the adult population and approximately 50 to 80% of all adolescents. Varying in degree, keratosis pilaris can range from minimal to severe.

Keratosis pilaris tends to occur as excess keratin, a natural fibrous protein in the skin found normally in human hair, nails and callus, accumulates around hair follicles (process known as hyperkeratinization).

Keratosis pilaris is unattractive, and it most often appears as a proliferation of tiny hard bumps that are seldom sore or itchy. Though people with keratosis pilaris experience this condition year round, it’s during the colder months when moisture levels in the air are lower that the problem can become exacerbated and the “goose bumps” are apt to look and feel more pronounced in color and texture.

In a medical sense we cannot speak of a keratosis pilaris cure, but the good news is most people present benign symptoms that can be relieved and treated.


Keratosis Pilaris Types

When keratosis pilaris occurs on the cheeks, the affected area is not only red but it also feels rough. The characteristic “reddish” aspect of this type of facial Keratosis Pilaris gives it the clinical name of KP Rubra Faceii. Another variant on the face, called “keratoses pilaris atrophicans faciei”, causes a worm-eaten like atrophy of skin. When the outer eyebrows are affected the condition is known as “ulerythema ophryogenes”.

There are several different types of keratosis pilaris, including keratosis pilaris rubra (red, inflamed bumps), alba (rough, bumpy skin with no irritation), rubra faceii (reddish rash on the cheeks) and related disorders. Keratosis pilaris atrophicans: a genetic clogging of the pores and follicles with keratin, which leads to the death of the follicle. After the follicle has died the hair falls down leaving behind an unsightly scar.

Keratosis pilaris alba is the more common variant and is characterized by small gray-white papules with a negligible inflammatory component.

Keratosis pilaris rubra has a significant inflammatory component, and thus patients present with small red papules. This variation is most conspicuous during the winter months.

Observe for small, horny, follicular papules with surrounding redness (ie, rubra) or without (ie, alba) surrounding redness.

Most commonly, lesions occur on the back of thel upper arms and anterior thighs. Less commonly, lesions involve the face, buttocks, and trunk.

In involved areas, lesions are extensive, monomorphic, and very evenly spaced.

A fine hair may pierce the papules, or hair may be found coiled up within the keratin plug.

The keratin plug cannot be eliminated with pressure.

Cells that contain keratin are constantly being shed and replaced by new ones. The condition known as dandruff results when the scalp sheds such cells. Hormonal influence may occur because a high prevalence and intensity of keratosis pilaris is noted during puberty and in women with hyperandrogenism. In severe cases, the pores can become clogged and cause acne. The clogged pores resemble comedones of keratinized plugs surrounding the hair follicle.

Sometimes, the hyperkeratotic buildup entraps the hair within the follicle. The trapped hair gets bunched up and may lead to a red irritated bump that may fill with pus. These pus filled red bumps are often confused with bacterial folliculitis or with acne.

The papules of keratoses pilaris are usually seen on the upper arms and thighs but also appear on the face, back, and buttocks. Each bump is a conical (spiny) plug resembling goosebumps. Sometimes, the skin surrounding the follicles might be slightly irritated, making it look like a red “rash”.

Treatment of Keratosis Pilaris

Many people find keratosis pilaris lesions cosmetically unappealing and therefore seek treatment. Occasionally, they may become secondarily infected because of scratchy tight-fitting clothing or abrasive self-therapy, in which case treatment of the infection is necessary. A significant inflammatory component may be present and may be relieved with topical steroid therapy. Treatment of the noninflamed horny papules can be difficult because they have proven resistant to most modes of therapy.

Treatment options for keratosis pilaris focus on exfoliating or softening the dermis to reduce clogged pores.

Treatment initially begins with adherence to non-pharmacologic measures and compliance with daily living functions that will not worsen the condition. An important first step is to use a mild cleansing agent with abrasive properties, often termed scrub, but one that is not drying (for sensitive skin). The goal is to clean and open the pores of the dermis. Other measures to prevent excessive dryness include taking tepid, brief showers and using a humidifier, especially during the winter months when low humidity dries out the skin.

BIOSKINTREATMENT cream/lotion softens rough and dry skin, removes excessive keratin and thus unclogs pores. It is also anti-inflammatory, regulates the production of keratin and while it helps to attract moisture when first applied it also restores the skin’s capacity to hold in moisture by accelerating the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans from within the deep layers of the skin. BIOSKINTREATMENT should be applied to the affected area twice a day.

Would you like to be without a trace of chicken skin bumps, keratin plugs, blocked hair follicles, inflamed or redish rashes and dark blemishes, and visibly smoother, moist, toned up, healthier skin, with NO SIDE EFFECTS?

BIOSKINTREATMENT is a biological solution for keratosis pilaris

  • It dissolves the keratin plugs around the follicles that block pores, allows for normal shedding off dead skin cells and softens the skin while revitalizing it
  • Acts as a non trauma exfoliation by eliminating by enzyme digestion scaly and horny lesions before they grow.
  • Also destroys pathogens, heals and regenerates damaged tissue.
  • It nourishes your skin and protects it from free radicals.
  • Improves the skin’s color and elasticity, and leaves it silky soft and soothed.

BIOSKINTREATMENT is a 100% natural skin care emollient lotion/cream that yields a two fold effect on keratosis pilaris and skin blemishes: (1) Purifies the cells & decongests the hair follicles as it helps to eliminate keratin plugs, debris, toxins, and all damaged skin tissues. (2) Favors regeneration of skin cells and all the structures of healthy skin: collagen, elastin and the molecules that retain several times their weight in water in the skin (true moisturizing).

Those effects clear keratosis pilaris bumps, redness, rashes, acne and all skin blemishes – even scars that you have lived with for years will become softer and less noticeable.

Keratosis Relief & Scarring Prevention

BIOSKINTREATMENT absorbs quickly, speeds skin regeneration and replacement of damaged cells and relieves many skin disorders including Keratosis Pilaris. It opens clogged pores, allows for normal shedding off dead skin cells, softens the skin scales around the follicle and helps to reduce scars. It also prevents scarring and acts as a natural remedy against skin infections including acne.

The lotion works best for keratosis pilaris when applied twice daily. It softens the adherent skin scales around the follicle enabling them to be shed more easily. Some people find that the use of a Buff-Puff, either to apply the cream and/or to abrade the skin during washing, increases the benefits of BIOSKINTREATMENT. Other people find that this abrasion simply causes extra irritation and aggravates Keratosis Pilaris.

The first noticeable effect is a softening of the skin and then the elimination of the plugging that may lead to acne formation. Scarring is avoided, reduced and may even vanish altogether. Ultimate healing is when new ‘invisible’ hair, known as lanugo, comes thru the restored hair follicles in formerly damaged areas.

Try BIOSKINTREATMENT Lotion & Get Your Skin Healthy Again Quickly!

BIOSKINTREATMENT has a two fold effect: (1) Purifies the cells & decongests tissues as it helps to eliminate waste, toxins, keratosis crusts and all damaged skin structures. (2) Favors cellular regeneration.

It leaves your skin smooth, refreshed, soft and with use over a period of time it takes away all imperfections and blemishes: acne spots, scars, keratosis bumps, razor nicks and burns, roughness, dryness. It also brightens and enhances your complexion.

BIOSKINTREATMENT is a non prescription, natural skin care remedy, with absolutely no side effects.

The lotion is made with a natural biological ingredient, collected from live land snails, the same they use to quickly repair their own skin and shell when damaged. It is contained in the serum secreted by the snails, (we gather it through a process that is safe for them). It is a viscose liquid that is made into an odorless white cream with no alien, synthetic chemicals. Analysis of the serum has determined that it contains activators of skin growth factors and antimicrobial peptides.

Also presents natural anti-inflammatory and immune modulating proteins, glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans (a group of polysaccharides with high molecular weight that contain amino sugars and often form complexes with proteins. Also called mucopolysaccharide) and copper.

The results are:

  • A healthier appearance of the skin
  • A thicker more healthy skin
  • Normal skin color
  • Normal skin texture
  • A hydrated skin

With the use of BIOSKINTREATMENT for a month you may remain free of Keratosis for months and possibly years. Or you may need to repeat the treatment every 6 months.

BIOSKINTREATMENT grinds down keratosis scales and horny crusts through enzyme dissolution of keratin and hydrolysis of abnormal tissues, and prevents the growth of actinic keratosis scaly formations

  • Dissolves dead and dying cells on the topmost micron of skin (part of the outer layer that is no thicker than a sheet of paper, slowly and over a period of time)
  • Digests damaged cells and keratin plugs within the dermis by the action of biological enzymes
  • Stimulates the use of the aminoacids that the enzymes free and activates the fibroblast stem cells which favor the proliferation of new healthy connective tissues and all the structural elements of healthy skin
  • Stimulates the formation of the extracellular binding between cells, thus improving skin strength, cutting down on fragility.
  • Restores the capacity of the skin to remain hydrated by stimulating the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, the molecules that give skin its capacity to keep in moisture. This helps to thicken the dermis resulting in a lessening of sagging and less fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Neutralizes free radicals by the action of its potent antioxidants that also have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Inhibits microbiological activity of dangerous, pathogenic skin bacteria, including acne.
  • Regulates blood vessel formation and oxygenation within the capillaries in the skin contributing to its proper nourishment.
  • Regulates dermal fibroblast proliferation and excess collagen, and thus prevents and reduces abnormal scars such as keloid and hyperthropic scarring and slowly but consistently gets rid of ice-pick scars or pitted acne scars.

BIOSKINTREATMENT also treats the dry, scaly skin that is present when skin is affected by actinic keratosis or ichthyosis vulgaris by exfoliating and thus reducing keratin clogged pores. And it helps to remove ingrown hairs and treat folliculitis (barber’s itch)

BIOSKINTREATMENT LOTION clears skin of keratin bumps and regenerates healthy skin

The product is made with the same base as BIOSKINCARE plus Salix Nigra (Willow) Extract and Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder for a more potent keratolytic effect that cleans the excess horny material of the skin by degrading keratin plugs and dissolving debris, damaged, abnormal and necrotic tissues.

It decongests the skin as the enzymes in the snail serum and the natural salicylic acid in willow bark extract help to ‘digest’ all damaged structures into their amino-acid and other components, which also favors the regeneration of all the structural components of healthy skin.

It leaves your skin smooth, refreshed, soft and with use over a period of time it takes away keratosis pilaris, actinic keratosis scales, controls acne and reduces and even vanishes all types of skin blemishes: razor nicks and burns, roughness, blisters, scrapes, cuts, and the list can go on and on…

Keratosis Pilaris


  • Clears Keratosis Pilaris
  • Supports Your Immune System
  • Prevents Keratosis Pilaris
  • Makes Keratosis Lesions Regress
  • No Side Effects
  • Heals Skin Quickly
  • Repairs Sun Damaged Skin
  • The Most Powerful Antioxidants
  • Moisturizes Deep Within The Skin
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Distilled Water (solvent)
  • Peg-4 Olivate (emulsifier derived from Olive Oil)
  • Sorbitan Olivate from Olive Oil (moisturizer)
  • Squalane from Olive Oil (natural moisturizer and antioxidant)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (1% solution – moisturizer)
  • Biocutis® Serum: Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates
  • Salix Nigra (Willow) Extract
  • Modified Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder
  • Glycerin (humectant)
  • SUPRAPEIN ™, a synergistic combination of botanical extracts that yields a natural preservative with a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity.


“The only solution to our daughter’s keratosis pilaris. She is very appreciative as we are.”

Steve DeMarte. North Carolina, USA

“Have been using the Cream for two weeks now and I already see a difference in my skin after being diagnosed with keratosis pilaris. Thank you.”

Margitta Pelton. Florida, USA

“Have been using the cream for two weeks now and I already see a difference in my skin after being diagnosed with keratosis pilaris. thank you”.

Margitta Pelton. Florida, USA

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just received your product and immediately put it on. Believe it or not, within 2 hrs my Keratosis Pilaris is almost gone on my arms!!!! I’ve tried many different products over the years and have always been disappointed (they either didn’t work at all or took forever to work and then stopped). I am absolutely amazed, thrilled, and elated thanks to your product! I really believe that it is worth its weight in gold! Thank you a 1000 times again.”

Kris Taylor. Boston, USA