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Unlike most home microdermabrasion creams and kits the results from combining abrading micro-crystals with nourishing natural biologic skin rejuvenation activators, and enzymes that also help to dissolve damaged tissues deeper inside the skin, are not only immediate and spectacular, but compound over time and do not trigger inflammaging of delicate skin tissues. 

Bio Skin Exfol


At Home Microdermabrasion Cream.

50 gr = 1.76 oz – $59.98 

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BIOSKINEXFOL yields dramatic skin resurfacing and cellular regeneration benefits with unparalleled safety, efficacy & cost effectiveness.

See more refined, virtually pore less and flawless skin. Get rid of macules, acne scars, stretch marks, minimize wrinkles. Enjoy more clarity, smoothness and luminosity as it helps to eliminate dry, dulling, damaged and flaky skin cells.

microdermabrasion with bioskinexfol

BIOSKINEXFOL is a Home Microdermabrasion Cream that combines the most balanced and complete skin rejuvenation serum, yet created by nature’s wisdom for skin protection, repair, renewal and deep moisturizing.

It contains the same physical exfoliating micro-crystals used in doctors’ offices and estheticians’ salons for mechanical exfoliation or micro-resurfacing of the surface of the skin.

Microdermabrasion— a manual process whereby skin is exfoliated with gentle physical abrasives– if followed or done with a cream that contains skin rejuvenation activators and enzymes, results in optimum skin resurfacing for it stimulates collagen growth and cellular regeneration thereby improving skin tone and sagging, reduction of imperfections and blemishes and a healthy refreshed skin.

Results are achieved without the slightest inflammation, peeling and no dryness, unlike what happens with a harsh chemical peel, glycolic acids and other skin-peeling products for exfoliating which damage your skin and trigger a cascade of inflammatory soldier cells armed with chemical weapons to fight intruders and rescue your skin from trauma.

On the contrary, BIOSKINEXFOL “signals” to your body that it is being taken care of properly and does not need to react with inflamm-aging. The latter being the equivalent of a chronic inflammatory reaction of your immune system that impairs its capacity to cope with a variety of stressors and may cause further damage to your skin. Like a malfunctioning thermostat, the level of inflammatory response is consistently too high, leading to damage to aged tissues.

So is the anti-inflammatory system– based on the hormone cortisol– that is trying to shut it down if inflammation is constantly jammed on. So you have at once all the downsides of both a constantly active immune system, and an immune system that is constantly damped down: damage from constant activity yet poor immune response when you do need it to fight off disease. Silent inflammaging is the root cause for many, if not most, of the chronic diseases of aging.

The natural BIOCUTIS® serum in our nourishing skin care products not only discourages Over-Zealous Immune System Responses that Attack Healthy Tissue. It also restores the capacity of the skin to hold in moisture and triggers the removal of dull dead cells and abnormal scars and imperfections while releasing amino-acids that help rebuild damaged tissues quickly and promote healthy skin regeneration.

The process continues within the skin beyond the moment you massage the cream for it contains natural messenger molecules that recognize healthy cells and ‘mark’ damaged cells for their repair. Then the messenger molecules act in concert with enzymes to dissolve or “digest” non functional, worn and damaged out cells deep within the skin.

This explains why BIOSKINEXFOL works so well for old and rough stretch marks, for those are scar tissues deep within the skin.

After only one 30 to 50 seconds of micro-dermabrasion treatment, your skin will look and feel noticeably different– smooth, radiant, dewy fresh and years younger.

Micro dermabrasion treatments have become popular due to their ability to provide instantaneous results, immediately revealing younger looking, glowing skin, with fewer wrinkles and lines.

BIOSKINEXFOL is the best home microdermabrasion cream for it also signals your body it does not need to react to the skin damage being inflicted by the micro-crystals abrasion with an inflammatory or inflammaging reaction.

And it is the only such product that contains enzymes that continue to dissolve, break or digest down senescnet cells, problem proteins and debris from accumulated damage to the skin matrix that the body can not handle.

All the proteins inside our cells are destroyed and rebuilt quite regularly, as a way to keep them in a generally undamaged state. Point is the destroyed proteins need to be degraded into their component amino-acids and released for use in rebuilding healthier skin structures, otherwise they become triggers of chronic inflamm-aging.

Normally our body reacts to even the slightest lesion with an “Immoderate Inflammatory Reaction” as it has learned to do so during our evolutionary drift so that it would protect our skin and body from micro-organisms and materials that are strange to it and may cause harm. Problem is such reaction also destroys healthy tissues, so it needs to be balanced.

The natural serum in our cream is the product of a little creature’s innate immune system and nourishes the skin cells so that they activate the protective strategies of the innate immune system of human skin, directly, within the hair follicles and at the site of skin lesions.

Aging appears to be an uncoordinated random process stemming from a relatively small range of different types of molecular damage, among which those caused by UVA radiation, free radicals and the accumulation of extracellular waste materials that do not have any function. To all this our body reacts with inflammaging thereby generating even more unrepaired cellular damage.

Thus we need to halt the inflamm-aging process, as if it where as important as stopping the cellular damage caused by chronic inflammation triggered by the accumulation of excess body fat.

Best Results from BIOSKINEXFOL Home Microdermabrasion

The best results from microdermabrasion are achieved when the treatment is combined with SKIN REJUVENATION ACTIVATORS. The reason is after the skin has been damaged by abrasion it is IMPERATIVE that skin healing progresses at the right pace.

Skin healing is a highly ordered systemic process that involves the coordinated regulation of cell proliferation and migration and tissue remodeling, predominantly by enzymes and growth factors. When we age is related to changes in the activity of these various regulatory factors, the slowing of skin healing that occurs.

BIOSKINEXFOL brings you the ONLY microdermabrasion micro-crystal cream that incorporates natural skin rejuvenation activators into the micro-dermabrasion process, resulting in a coordinated biological regulation of the skin renewal process and thus advanced skin rejuvenation.

Manual Microdermabrasion Kits & Microdermabrasion Machines

Microdermabrasion allows for easy regulation of the amount and rate of skin shedding. Chemical Peels, Fruit Acid Peels, TCA and Phenol Peels do not give the same opportunity for result control as the skin will continue peeling for several days after the peel agent has been removed from the skin.

With microdermabrasion, however, intense exfoliation only occurs during the time of the microdermabrasion process. You can therefore manage the depth of exfoliation by decreasing the length or increasing of time the process is performed and the level of pressure you apply.
Using BIOSKINEXFOL cream gives YOU the highest level of control over your skin results as the amount of massaging you perform will control your results.

A second major advantage of microdermabrasion lies in the immediacy of results. With facial peels, the peel agents are left on the skin, then removed and only after a period of time characterized by peeling and redness do results become apparent.

However with microdermabrasion you see immediate results. As soon as you finish applying the microderm-abrasion cream and you wash off the microcrystals remaining on your skin, your skin looks smoother, firmer, radiant and clear.

BIOSKINEXFOL Cream– Active Ingredients

Microdermabrasion usually only involves removal of dead skin cells. Our BIOSKINEXFOL Antiaging Microdermabrasion Product is unlike any other microdermabrasion treatment available today because BIOSKINEXFOL is the only product that combines microdermabrasion with NATURAL SKIN REJUVENATION ACTIVATORS that signal your system to regenerate the skin matrix at the right pace needed to replace the old damaged molecules and cells that are taken away by the abrasion.

The Natural Skin Regeneration Activators are natural glycosamynoglycans and enzymes that enhance commmunication among cells and inside the cells. When it is wounded, the same molecules are found in healthy human skin. They coordinate and regulate cell proliferation and migration and tissue remodeling. As we age these regulatory molecules and growth factors slow down their activity and skin healing and it is necessary to supply them topically to achieve the same skin renewal achieved by younger people.

The unique BIOSKINEXFOL microdermabrasion process actually forces the active ingredient to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and then activate absorption of these nutrients by the stimulation of microdermabrasion crystals.

The BIOSKINEXFOL Antiaging Microdermabrasion Cream penetrates so deeply into the skin that it actually jump-starts and reactivates the skin’s own dormant youthful processes– as if the clock was turned back, the skin once again begins to produce more collagen and its own natural moisturizers.
The rate of skin cell production and shedding is increased.

Wrinkled, sun-damaged, blemished skin cells are rapidly stripped away, and the skin works quickly to replace the old cells by bringing brand new baby-soft skin cells to the surface instead, resulting progressive skin re-surfacing and a youthful, dewy complexion.

BIOSKINEXFOL Antiaging Microdermabrasion cream then bathes these beautiful new skin cells with nourishing and protective nutrients.

If you are tired of looking older than you feel, and miss the fresh young face you used to see in the mirror, BIOSKINEXFOL Antiaging Microdermabrasion Cream is your best defense against further signs of aging and a clinically proven way to a younger, more beautiful complexion.

BIOSKINEXFOL Cream Increases the Rejuvenating Effects

As the skin ages, it experiences the “wounds of time”– sun exposure, environmental insult, over-cleansing and a slowing or loss of many functions critical to youthful skin such as loss of elastin, decreased collagen formation, and thinning of the skin.

BIOSKINEXFOL increases the rejuvenating effects of standard microdermabrasion by combining Skin Rejuvenation Activators with deep microdermabrasion exfoliation. The superior results thus achieved are due to the unique treatment process available only through BIOSKINEXFOL.

Results include:

  1. – clarifies pores, progressive skin re-surfacing (great results for acne scars, stretch marks and hypertrophic scars).
  2. – noticeable decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. – smoother more evenly textured skin with little or no blemishes.
  4. – a healthy and glowing complexion.

When it was younger and healthier, BIOSKINEXFOL Cream penetrates so deeply into the skin that it actually causes the skin to restart the cellular processes it performed.

The combination of microdermabrasion with SKIN REGENERATION ACTIVATORS causes the skin cells to increase the filtering of toxins and free radicals. The rate of skin cell production and shedding is increased, and old, damaged skin cells, trapped sebum, blackheads, bacteria and other toxins are flushed out and rapidly stripped away.

The skin begins flooding itself with collagen, elastin and its own natural moisturizers. The old dull layer of skin is replaced with brand new baby-soft skin cells. This new, fresh skin is free of blockages, bumps, discolorations, fine lines. BIOSKINEXFOL then protects these beautiful new skin cells with moisturizers and powerful anti-oxidants.

If you apply a sun protection treatment you can keep the new skin cells looking youthful and fresh. If you are frustrated with blackheads, blemishes, scars, stretch marks, or an uneven, dull, tired looking complexion BIOSKINEXFOL Cream is a proven way to improve the quality and texture of your skin– you can finally have the soft, clear, healthy looking skin you have always wanted.

Bio Skin Exfol


At Home Microdermabrasion Cream.

50 gr = 1.76 oz – $59.98

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