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Rosacea Treatment – More Than Just Symptoms Relief

Most Acne & Rosacea Products Only Address The Symptoms

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by four distinct clinical stages predominantly affecting the central aspect of the face. The first clinical evidence of rosacea is frequent and intense vasodilation or flushing.

Most patients progress to a vascular stage characterized by an erythema that can persist for hours or days after a triggering event. Many people remain stabilized at this stage while some progress to an inflammatory stage characterized by a symmetrical array of papules and pustules in addition to the persistent erythema. This stage can often become a chronic condition. A few people, mostly male, can progress to the final stage characterized by a distintive hyperplasia or swelling, specially of the nose.

Rosacea is a very visible condition that has a high impact on the quality of life of the bearer. Treatments for rosacea commonly involve topical or oral antibiotics such as metranidazole and compounds such as sulfacetamide, sulfur, and azeliec acid. However, these and other treatments for rosacea that are currently available, are all accompanied by various side effects, are costly, and/or involve long complicated treatment protocols.

BIOSKINCLEAR applied to an area affected by rosacea diminishes its signs and sympthoms. Topical application also helps to prevent outbreaks of rosacea.


  • Gets rid of rosacea pustules, papules & lesions
  • Reduces acne rosacea redness and rhinophyma
  • Inhibits and down-regulates the chemical inflammatory promoters that increase during skin inflammation
  • Inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor and decreases cellular division activity of fibroblast growth factor
  • Stimulates the production of defensive molecules on the skin that fight microbes, viruses and fungi, creating a barrier against infection acts against invading growth-phase bacteria and against folliculitis pustular sores and lumps (boils, furuncles)
  • On skin or scalp dissolves scar tissues and helps the process of rebuilding new collagen and elastin into the skin.

Cumulative effects are more noticeable every day and become permanent restores a younger skin by restoring the capacity of healthy skin to hold in moisture and by removing damaged proteins and replacing them with blemish free skin Ongoing research about the causes and triggers of rosacea and about the effects of the bio-active molecules in the snail serum may explain the excellent results that many of our customers have found with the use of the gel.

Sunlight & Blood Vessel Growth in Rosacea

Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), is a regulator of the growth of cells that line blood vessels and is involved in the formation of those visible blood vessels in rosacea. Its activity is exacerbated by ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation (found in sunlight).

In addition, UVB caused an increase in interleukin 8, which plays a role in inflammation.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) abundant in the serum inhibits VEGF-induced capillary formation. Research published in 2003 has noted that in culture of human vascular endothelial cells, snail GAGs at 10 and 100 micro g ml(-1) inhibited VEGF-induced capillary tube formation. These findings suggest that the inhibitory effect of the snail GAGs on the formation of new cappilaries networks from pre-existing blood vessels is due to the inhibition of excessive VEGF-induced vascular tube formation without affecting its production.

Regulation of Activity of Cathelicidin Peptides that Trigger Sympthoms of Rosacea

Dr. Richard Gallo, chief of dermatology, University of California, San Diego, and colleagues have recently concluded that a natural substance that is part of the body’s innate immune system appears to have a role in producing the papules (bumps) and pustules (pimples) of rosacea. (Study funded by the National Rosacea Society (NRS) to uncover potential causes and other key aspects of the disorder during the fifth annual rosacea research workshop, 2004, held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology).

He noted that the body produces peptides to defend itself from viruses, fungi and bacteria, and speculates that certain peptides known as cathelicidins may be triggered too easily in rosacea patients. The level of the protective cathelicidins was 200 percent to 300 percent higher in rosacea patients, he found. While many types of bacteria may trigger the formation of cathelicidins, he said, they appear to be particularly sensitive to the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which has been linked with rosacea in some studies.

The researchers have also noticed that while the peptide is inactive when it is first made on the skin surface, enzymes in sweat cause it to become active. They concluded that cathelicidins may stimulate the production of bumps and pimples in rosacea, possibly in connection with H. pylori and other bacterial triggers.

Interestingly the GAGs is the skin serum, that is the base of our products, play a role in regulating the activity and expression of those endogenous peptides and act as an important defense molecule against rapidly growing bacteria.

Abnormal amounts of natural body chemicals and their regulation by snail serum’s ingredients.
Ongoing research is showing that abnormal amounts of natural body chemicals may be associated with developing rosacea. For example, nitric oxide — a chemical produced mainly in the linings of blood vessels — may be overproduced in rosacea sufferers. Nitric oxide not only may promote inflammation, it also causes blood vessels to widen.

Abnormal amounts of other natural substances, known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) may either cause rosacea or contribute to its development among individuals who are prone to get it.

Physiologically relevant concentrations of chondroitin sulfate (CS GAG present in the snail mucins) regulates gene expression and synthesis of nitric oxide, prostaglandin, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha), providing a plausible explanation for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Immune system malfunction may be associated with rosacea. The snail mucin unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics that may create bacterial resistance contains an antibacterial glycoprotein that acts as a humoral defense factor. It has L-amino acid oxidase activity and can generate cytotoxic H(2)O(2) hydrogen peroxide; however, the concentration of H(2)O(2) is not sufficient to kill bacteria. Immunochemical analysis revealed that the glycoprotein is preferentially bound to growth-phase bacteria, accounting for its important role in growth-phase-dependent antibacterial activity.

The anti inflammatory and antibacterial factors from the serum of land snails have been known for years and scientists have focused on replicating them (by biosynthesis) in the laboratory. This is a promising new venue for research and creating effective drugs. But bringing a drug to clinical trial is time consuming and expensive. It is estimated that it takes $300 million to bring a drug to market. This cost covers every thing from discovery, identification, synthesis and clinical trials. This process may also take 10 or more years to accomplish.

Fortunately the skin serum as it is naturally can perform for human skin what it does for the snails themselves: quickly repair skin damage, orchestrate skin regulation and regeneration, and fight invading micro-organisms.

With the use of BIOSKINCLEAR inflammation is kept at bay, damaged cells and toxins are dissolved, hair follicles are cleaned of debris, invading germs are destroyed, new collagen, elasting and water holding cells are formed to repair skin damage.


How is Rosacea different to Acne Vulgaris?

As rosacea is a neurovascular disorder it affects the flushing zone. Is is common that Rosacea does not present with blackheads that are seen with acne vulgaris. Also the age of onset, and the location of redness is a clue. Rosacea is commonly an adult disease, and is generally restricted to the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. It can coexist with acne vulgaris.

Some rosacea sufferers have a significant acne component in their symptoms so it can be easily confused with acne vulgaris. The papules and pustules of rosacea tend to be less follicular in origin.

Rosacea will probably have an underlying redness that is related to flushing and thus looks different to acne vulgaris. Acne sufferers normally do not have the accompanying redness.

As both conditions are inflammatory, the treatment for rosacea and acne vulgaris can be somewhat similar, but some of the acne vulgaris regimes are too harsh for rosacea affected skin and can severely aggravate the condition.

Our BIOSKINCLEAR gel is effective for the treatment of rosacea symptoms, helping to halt and prevent inflammation, restore the capacity of skin to intricately orchestrate its regeneration in an orderly way, strengthening blood vessels, cell walls and circulation; while helping to prevent further rosacea outbreaks.

Rosacea Treatment

What Our Customers Say?

Been using BIOSKINCARE for rosacea for four weeks. Definite improvement, but still a way to go. Can now manage to conceal without the camouflage and rely solely on the Jane Iredale Amazing Base. I am also taking course of Minocin. Interestingly the small rhinophyma on my nose has decreased. It did this once before while taking the anti-biotic but it took nearly 6 months before I noticed any reduction in the rhinophyma.

Annette Glover, United Kingdom.

“Thought I would let you know that after using BIOSKINCARE for two months the rhinophyma (acne rosacea) on my nose is now impossible to see but I can still feel a bit of it. My nose now looks like it did before I got the first rhinophyma in 1999. What is more my brother reports from New Zealand that after only two weeks his nose, which is much worse than mine, has lost much of its redness and this is only after two weeks use. I have been using the product for two months. The acne scars on my forehead have reduced dramatically and can now be concealed with only the Jane Iredale mineral powder. No longer need the camouflage cream. I put a mention of this on the Femail board yesterday because that is where I discovered your product. I will also drop a line to my dermatologist.”

Dorothea Glover. England

I’ve only been using BIOSKINCLEAR for a month, and I can already notice a drastic improvement in the state of my skin. My acne which was once a major problem has virtually disappeared and my acne scars are rapidly fading. From the results of my treatment thus far, I’m confident I’ve fount the product I’ve been praying for. Thank you.

Joann A. NSW, Australia