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Rose Hip Oil for Dry Skin Relief

Rose Hip Oil for Dry Skin Relief

BIOSKINBALM: The Product & The Ingredients That Make A Difference

The product is a safe and gentle staple for dry skin and a substitute to the awful products with cortisone & steroid ingredients found in many pharmaceutical eczema and psoriasis medications.

Those steroid-based treatments usually come with their own collection of unpleasant side effects, however BIOSKINBALM is completely organic and helps your skin heal itself. It is also a substitute to artificial, chemical saturated products that are on the market. It does not include any of the toxic or irritating chemical ingredients commonly found in conventional skin ‘care’ and even in specialty ‘health’ skin care articles.

Nature’s genius: The success of nature’s gifts is based upon all things being in balance.


Rose Hip Seed Oil is from the seeds of a native wild rose that prospers in southern Chile. It has been used for hundreds of years in South America for its remarkable healing, moisturizing and restorative qualities.

It helps to increase the levels of collagen and elastin, producing a softer and stronger skin. It also helps to decrease pigmentation, raised scars and stretch marks by stimulating healthy skin renewal – it is effective even on old scars. When applied daily to the skin it protects it from free radical damage, related to the harmful influences of solar radiation, weather and aging.

Rose Hip oil embodies high levels of essential fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, and linolenic, which help keep skin healthy. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and supports the skin with lipids that are necessary to fortify the external skin barrier and protect the body from the incorporation of allergens and toxins.

Rose hip oil is also a natural provider of trans-retinoic acid (a natural promoter of vitamin A) and works as a keratolityc which eliminates dead cells and accelerates skin turnover, as do trans-retinoic-acid in medical drugs but without any of their side effects.

Rose Hip oil was first studied in 1983 by a team of researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Concepcion in Chile. They tested the oil’s effect on the skin’s regeneration mechanism. During the 2-year investigation, the oil was administered to 180 patients with surgical, injury and post-burn scars, as well as to a group afflicted with premature aging. It was found that Rose Hip Oil produced an effective regenerative action on the skin, helping to reduce scars and wrinkles, preventing advancement of premature aging, and recovering lost color and tone.

BIOSKINBALM Helps Skin Face the Diverse Everyday Stresses.

Having to confront the harsh everyday contaminants isn’t easy on your skin nor can it be achieved by any one single action. That is why BIOSKINBALM wants to help you deal with these stress agents by offering an ample range of biochemical elements that include an organic snail serum.

Scientific research has found the snail’s serum is chocked full of trace elements (Copper, Zinc, Iron & Calcium), proteins, enzymes, co-enzymes, peptides and complex sulfated acidic glyco (sugar) molecules, which work together with other natural ingredients incorporated into our BIOSKINBALM helping:

  • Normalize dilation of capillaries that would otherwise cause red blotches on the skin
  • Stimulate an orderly synthesis of fibrin which protects the delicate inner walls of the blood vessels and contributes to an unhindered blood flow
  • Stimulate the synthesis of new healthy capillaries
  • Support the synthesis of antimicrobial peptides on the skin to kill parasites, microbes, fungi and virus, without creating any microbial resistance
  • Improves inter- and intracellular communication thus controlling the orderly renewal, turnover and replacement of all the structural components of healthy skin
  • Regulate connective tissue breakdown by inhibiting or balancing enzymes
  • Lessen skin inflammation through the use of antioxidants and enzymatic decomposition of damaged proteins thereby supporting the defensive system
  • Trigger the production of skin cells and the improvement of injuries without leaving aberrant scars
  • Safely support your body’s innate capability to nurse itself back to health
  • intensively moisturize and naturally hydrate the skin from within by retaining water and enhancing the capability your body has to produce the water holding molecules within the skin matrix, the glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans that give skin elasticity, strength, resilience and the capacity to withstand compression and over-stretching

Dry Skin Relief


This formula is a ‘miracle’. It has performed miracles, that my doctor could not, with several prescriptions. I have only used for 1.5 months, and already, I am ‘looking healed and gooood’, which makes me feel good!!! Thanks again!

K. In Hou. Texas. USA.

Is my third purchase. I’ve purchased you product for my teenage daughters acne. She had been seeing a dermatalogist for over five years and they could not get the acne to clear. She has been on your product for about four months and we have seen incredible results.

Joy Naylor. Ohio, USA.

WOW!!! I am truly impressed by this product. I have been using it for over a month now, and my skin has barely been breaking out at all. The large red spots, and pitted scars are disappearing, and I think that in time they may actually be gone forever. Thank you so much for producing this product, and give your little snails a pat on the back for me.

Alexis Stafford. British Columbia, Canada.

I have used this product to treat acne and inflammation and it is the best out there. I highly recommend it. A suggestion would be to package it in a pump bottle as opposed to a jar if possible. My last jar spilled all over the floor when I dropped it. I love the balm. It’s excellent even for very sensitive skin such as mine. It literally stops a breakout and decreases inflammation overnight!

Stacey Baptiste. New York.

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