Sun Damaged Skin Treatment Cream -All Natural

To heal sun damaged skin and get rid of skin blemishes, while protecting your skin from the effects of free radicals and UV radiation coat your face regularly with BIOSKINCARE CREAM (preferably twice a day and for a period of time that will depend on how old and deep your blemishes are).

With regular application on clean skin, the enzymes in the cream “digest” damaged cells of the epidermis without any irritation or side effects. It gently dissolves skin lesions and age spots, and ultimately reduces and even eliminates all signs of blemishes.

The cream also controls pathogens and creates the proper environment for the regeneration of normal collagen, the improvement of the skin’s elasticity; and an increase in the density and moisture retention capacity of healthy skin, and thus skin firmness.

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Skin Cancer Prevention

BIOSKINCARE CREAM is a natural skin care cream packed with protein enzymes that “digest” or dissolve skin cells and tissues that are damaged, worn out, not working properly, or unhealthy, while at the same time it triggers the regeneration of healthy skin cells from within your body.

It is also antioxidant and protects skin from free radicals and the effects of excess solar exposure that, if left untreated, may lead to chronic inflammation of the skin.

Also, if you are grappling with concerns related to Skin Cancer Prevention, this product may be the best solution for miuld actinic keratosis pre-cancerous skin lesions. A gentle natural cream that you can apply in the intimacy of your home, at the pace that is most appropriate for your skin condition.

What is the root cause of cellular damage, wrinkles, and inflamm-aging?

Pinpointing the Triggers

  • Sun Damage from UVA Radiation and Free Radical Oxydation
  • Reduced Cellular Turnover
  • Chronic Inflamm-aging
  • Sun Damage from Ultraviolet Radiation and Oxygen Radicals

It is well-known that ultraviolet light induces harmful photochemical reactions in the skin and inflammation therein.

mask of pregnancy

During exposure and as repair of the UV sun damage takes place, super-oxide radicals are formed in the skin. UV irradiation also causes some microvascular damage in the skin. This leads to local hemorrhage and “leakage” of blood cells into the dermis. Iron from the hemoglobin accumulates in the extra-cellular matrix as Fe +2 and Fe +3. It is known that iron catalytically participates in the conversion of superoxide radicals to hydroxyl radicals, a species which is known to be very damaging to tissues.

In addition to their role in UV sun radiation induced tissue damage, oxygen radicals are known to be capable of reversibly or irreversibly damaging compounds of all biochemical classes. Some of these compounds include nucleic acids, proteins and free amino acids, lipids and lipoproteins, carbohydrates, and connective tissue macromolecules. These compounds may have an impact on such cell activities as membrane function, metabolism, and gene expression.

Reduced Cellular Turnover

Billions of cells die in the body every day by normal processes (apoptosis). These dead cells need to be recognized by phagocytes (immune system cells) and cleared rapidly.

Specific cells in the body are designed to ingest dangerous particles, such as invading bacteria. These professional eating cells, or phagocytes, also eat dead or dying cells. This process of clearance of dead or dying cells is necessary to allow for the repair of damaged tissue and to maintain normal tissue. When this process of cellular ingestion (phagocytosis) is deregulated, the body becomes susceptible to chronic infections and autoimmunity disorders.

Inflammation is a noun, the verb that reflects the process is “inflammaging”

Inflammation is what we see as a result of the first response of the immune system to infection or irritation and may be referred to as the innate immune cascade. Imagine your body calling 911 for help. At the first sign of inflammation, all those cells respond like fire trucks to a blaze.

Inflammation normally constitutes the body’s initiation of healing or putting out the flames we can say. However, when inflammation is not properly regulated, it can result in chronic diseases. Would you continue to spray water on a fire that has been put out? You body sometimes continues to send responders to a site that doesn’t require the help. Arthritis is caused when chronic inflammation leads to joint pain and damage.

Chronic inflammation can also contribute to conditions such as atherosclerosis, obesity, Alzheimer’s. Deregulated or overzealous inflammatory responses can cause eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and contribute to photo-aging and other skin problems and disorders.

It is important to understand that inflammation is neither “healthy” nor “unhealthy” on its own: Inflammation helps fight disease, but it comes at the cost of suspending the body’s normal immune and catabolic processes. In the short term this is often a valid trade-off, but in the long term it causes progressive damage.

The problem with inflammation is our body reacts in very much the same way it learned to react during the millions of years of our evolutionary drift. By sending to any site of injury and insult to our body, even to the slightest one, all its army of immune system soldiers (lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils…) , overcharged with chemical death weapons to get rid of the offenders, with no consideration even for its own cells that might happen to be in their way and also do get killed. After all… it used to be a matter of life or death! NOT OF BEAUTY AND HEALTH.

This is what is meant by “inflammatory reaction”. And, Oh Boy! You might as well bet those soldiers are inflamed!

Counteracting the Triggers

Got the point? Modulating the inflammatory response is the recipe for success! Cool down guys (immune cells), past are the times when bacteria and other micro-organism ruled. Or is it just wishful thinking? Is it not true that we carry on and inside our body three times more bacteria than the number of cells our organism is made of?

Fact is our body is ingrained with the memories of past battles, fought to protect our system whenever damaged or injured and does not listen to just any argument made up by the pharmaceutical companies or those selling anti aging products aiming to reduce the appearance of aging.

During our evolutionary drift, injuries and wounds represented a serious threat to our organism, not only due to blood loss, but also due to tissue damage or infection from the invasion of foreign bodies such as dirt, splinters, and bacteria. The adult wound healing mechanism that evolved to respond to this threat has two fundamental characteristics: First, there is a rapid and robust inflammatory response, with recruitment of activated macrophages, neutrophils, and lymphocytes to the injured site; and second, there is a fibrotic “walling-off” response to isolate the foreign body, with liquefaction of adjacent tissue which leads to abscess formation and scarring.

Is the inflammatory response still appropriate?

Scar Less Healing

“An abscess and its subsequent scar is not an evolutionarily optimized end point for today’s injuries,” Dr. Mark Ferguson, D.D.S., Ph.D., professor in the faculty of life sciences at the University of Manchester, England, says.

The abscess and scarring response, with its massive inflammatory overdrive, is optimized for a very different type of skin lesion than those occurring nowadays where hygiene and clean faces and bodies rule. The abscess and scar is induced by this inappropriate inflammatory response.

Something is missing in all the products out there. Something that would signal your body it is being taken care of properly, and does not need to react with its inflammatory army. Not just the natural or chemical ingredients that fight the signs of aging when it is already too late, but also the accumulated damage from excess solar radiation and free radicals plus the wear and tear that becomes chronic inflammatory lesions.

Clinical Evidence

There is clinical evidence that topical applications of compositions that include the substance produced by the little creatures prevents chronic (photo-aging) effects of exposure to the sun and regulate the deleterious effects or biochemical damage resulting from free radical reactions in living tissues exposed to the sun.

A clinical study was conducted in 1999 in Barcelona, Spain, to evaluate the anti wrinkle and skin firming efficacy of snail secretions in the topical treatment of photoaging.

Department of Dermatology. Hospital del Mar, Barcelona. Central Dermatology Clinic Paseo Marítimo, 25-29. 08003 Barcelona, M. J. TRIBO, E. SERRA-BALDRICH, M. ASIN, J. G. CAMARASA

The study focused on five aspects of skin aging due to excessive sun exposure. The 5 areas were smoothness, skin rigidity, firmness, elasticity, and hydration. A cream formulated with the snail serum was applied to the face of 32 individuals who showed signs of facial photoaging for an eight-week period on a continuous basis.

The subjects were evaluated at 2, 4 and 8 weeks of treatment using a clinical evaluation method and the results were correlated with those seen with the use of instrumental techniques. Subjects also kept a subjective journal of their own observations and feelings towards the product which were evaluated at the end of the study.

At the start of the study and at weeks 4 and 8, silicone imprints of the skin surface in the area where Crow’s feet would more normally be seen, as well as other 4 areas were taken for all subjects. The silicone replicas were photographed and analyzed using amplified photos in order to better see the subject’s skin. The analysis of said photos was done by a Skin Visiometer, an instrument that couples a video camera with a computer with image analysis software.

This technique allows for the evaluation of the depth of wrinkles, skin smoothness, skin rigidity and firmness using contrast of shadows to show improvements or lack there of in subject’s skin following application of the snail serum.

When light penetrates the silicone replica, it is taken in according to the thickness of the silicone material. The silicone replica reproduces the heights and depths of the skin as a negative. The depth of wrinkles was measured using pixels on a computer screen. Special software measures depth precisely using light analysis.

Suppleness (Flexibility) Elasticity

Skin elasticity was measured with a Corneometer model SEM 474 (Courage & Khazaka), which measures the penetration in the skin through a suction probe and its return to normal which tells its recuperation capacity. Elasticity is measured in millimeters. Shockwaves sent through the skin can give an idea of the state of elastic fibers and moisture content. The time measured for recuperation depends on whether the test was administered going with the direction of the skin fibers or against them. The time necessary for the wave to travel from emitter to receiver helps define the measurement.


Skin hydration was determined using a Corneometer model, CM 820 PC Courage & Khazala. This instrument determines the hydration level in the skin surface by using a precision capacitor to note hydration variance. This is a preferred method due to the fact it can detect even the slightest changes in hydration levels. Measurement time is very quick and measurement depth is very small, both adding to the effectiveness of this system.


The results of the study were very positive, affirming the snail serum as a true treatment in the fight against photoaging. Both according to the measurements taken by the instruments and image analysis programs, wrinkle depth is substantially aided by the product. Hydration is significantly aided by the serum due to the moisture retaining ability the serum imparts to skin.

Not only were the results processed by the instruments positive, the subjects all had positive visual results, according to their journal entries. All study participants were happy with the topical treatment of photoaging in the study. Firmness, elasticity, and all the other side effects of excessive sun exposure were improved using the product with snail serum as a topical agent. Users’ subjective comments indicate considerable comfort and satisfaction with the results of the experience.


And Get Your Skin Healthy Again Quickly!

BIOSKINCARE™ has a two fold effect: (1) Purifies the cells & decongests tissues as it helps to eliminate waste, toxins, actinic keratosis crusts and all damaged skin structures. (2) Favors cellular regeneration.

It leaves your skin smooth, refreshed, soft and with use over a period of time it takes away all imperfections and blemishes: acne spots, scars, keratosis bumps, razor nicks and burns, actinic keratosis lesions, roughness, dryness, eczema, dermatitis, the effects on the skin of radiotherapy for cancer, blisters, scrapes, cuts, and… it also brightens and enhances your complexion.

The results are:

  • A healthier appearance of the skin
  • A thicker more healthy skin
  • Normal skin color
  • Normal skin texture and
  • A hydrated skin

With the use of BIOSKINCARE for a month you may remain free of Actinic Keratosis for months and possibly years. Or you may need to repeat the treatment every 6 months. However, individuals with significant photo-damage and those who fail to minimize sun exposure are at increased risk for the development of additional Actinic Keratosis, as well as skin cancer.


  • Heals Sun Damaged Skin
  • Clears Actinic Keratosis Crusts
  • Prevents Actinic Keratosis
  • Makes AK Lesions Regress
  • Powered by BIOCUTIS® Serum
  • Supports Your Immune System
  • The Most Powerful Antioxidants
  • Moisturizes Deep Within The Skin
  • Removes Skin Blemishes
  • No Side Effects
  • Money Back Guarantee

Ingredients in BIOSKINCARE

  • Distilled Water (solvent)
  • Peg-4 Olivate (emulsifier derived from Olive Oil)
  • Sorbitan Olivate from Olive Oil (moisturizer)
  • Squalane from Olive Oil (natural moisturizer and antioxidant)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (in solution – moisturizer)
  • Biocutis® Serum: Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates
  • Glycerin (humectant)
  • SUPRAPEIN™, a synergistic combination of botanical extracts that yields a natural preservative with a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity.


“Well, I tried it to heal deep burn like places on my face and in the delicate under-eye areas which I had to treat with effudex, a strong medicine to kill pre-cancerous spots. Next, a few small scars (old ones) as well as thin, dry prematurely aging skin wrinkles on face and neck. So far so good. Lots of peeling still but I don’t mind that. I am noticing a slow and steady improvement and seems my skin is more elastic, thicker and clear. Many thanks!”

Sue Bowen, NY

“The product has made a huge improvement in the appearance of my skin. I am on oral contraceptives and the sun does not agree with my face anymore. It has lightened the brown spots left from the sun. Thanks.”

Cathy Pennachio. PA, USA

“This formula is a ‘miracle’. It has performed miracles, that my doctor could not, with several prescriptions. I have only used for 1.5 months, and already, I am ‘looking healed and gooood’, which makes me feel good!!! Thanks again!”

K. In Hou. Texas. USA.

“I used this on my sunburn, and it was very effective in healing it quickly!”

Erin Liedel. Boston, MA, USA

“I have been clearing up a number of Actinic Keratosis with Folic Acid, B12, B17 and Aloe vera gel over almost 10 years. The Cream appears as though it will clear the remains up within 2-3 weeks. A significant lesion appeared last May as a result of the Aloe Vera etc treatment and although it has gradually been diminishing, there has been far greater change in 1 week with your cream than the last 9 months.

Peter Melvelle. NSW, Australia

Sun Damaged Skin Care