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Biocutis@ is skin care powered by a naturally occurring immune serum with all the essential antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes your skin needs to experience skin rejuvenation (or your money back).

For acne, dryness, rosacea, eczema, scars, stretch marks, chicken skin red bumps (keratosis pilaris), irritations, solar keratosis, sun spots, melasma, wrinkles… or hard to heal skin.

This blessing in disguise has been clinically proven to shore up beauty by vastly improving skin’s quality.

The immune serum is secreted by the skin glands of a little mollusk with tissues and cells that are similar to those of human skin. Those glands, we don’t have, supply all skin needs to remain beautiful and healthy.

You wont find this forthcoming pretty soon in department stores. The serum cannot be patented, or gathered with sizable commercial means. So even though its value has been scientifically and clinically proven to work flawlessly for severe skin ailing’s, the cosmetic giants cannot yet get large benefits milking it.

This report includes the following:

  • the accidental discovery of the properties of the immune serum created inside the glands of the mollusk, and what it holds for human skin;
  • independent scientific research that verified its regenerative and powerful antioxidant properties conclusively,
  • clinical evidence of its vast effects on beauty care and for hard to heal skin, provided by dermatology and other prestigious international institutions that are also totally independent from us,
  • the products we have empowered with it to solve all types of skin concerns, namely for 12 categories you will see at the column at your right,
  • the popularity of snail creams and gels in 3 Continents and how products now manufactured in the USA, with superior technology, are powered by the snail secretions,
  • a little gossip related to celebrities using it,
  • our confidence in the results and how you get your money back in the unlikely event a product does not work for you.

Validated by Science

This naturally occurring serum is the core that powers all our natural skin care products and what makes them strong, unique, nourishing, and supporting of the immune cells that reside within or among our skin tissues. It is also what gets our customers to send us feedback (our most cherished reward).

Supporting the immune cells of the skin is crucial because they are meant to react to skin damage or disorder quickly and way before the adaptive immune system swarms damaged areas with swelling white blood cells to come to the rescue.

Natural Skin Care Products Range

At the right column are images and the names of our natural skin care products with links in blue to see a description of the product and the specific skin problem or aging skin concern it fully addresses.

The products combine our core ingredient with natural botanical actives that work in synergy to alleviate or remedy any and all annoying symptoms.

We also offer complementary skin care products & Saving Kits: For ScarsFor Stretch Marks & Large Body ScarsAcne Treatment & Acne CleanserTo Strengthen Fragile & Sensitive SkinDay Cream & Night Intense Treatment Serum.

Skin Regeneration Properties

Scientists from the Dermatology Service of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and other prestigious dermatology services in the US and Europe collaborated in the research that validated the serum. They were published by the Cancer Center (1) (references and links are at the end of the right column) and by peer revised dermatology journals in 2007 (2) and 2012 (3). The studies have confirmed it has antioxidant and regenerative properties. In their eyes the serum is a candidate for use in regenerative medicine.

It may take a long time before the FDA approves the natural substance for regenerative medicine because there is not much incentive to go through the costly process with something for which an investor cannot claim exclusive rights of use. In the meantime we use it to power all natural skin care and do not make medical claims.

Discovery In Two Continents

The secretion of the snail Cryptomphalus aspersa or Helix aspersa, was discovered in Chile and in Spain, by unrelated people.

In Spain a doctor, specializing in radiation oncology, treating radiation dermatitis (very harsh side effects of radiation for the treatment of cancer with radiotherapy) observed that several species of mollusk retract their tentacles, where their eyes are, when exposed to damaging ultraviolet (UV) light and ionizing free radical radiation. When he further explored this defense mechanism he found it to be a biologically active secretion generated by the snail during times of stress.

Discovery Also Led By 5 Star Gourmet Restaurants Of Paris

By the same time workers in Chile who farmed daily with their hands not in soil, but with hard snail shells, as they were packaging escargots to ship them to the finest restaurants in France noticed something peculiar. Their hands became incredibly soft, totally free of blemishes. And scars that had been there for a long time disappeared in little time.

You would expect those workers to have withered dry, cracked, chaffed skin. But instead, their hands looked great! In fact, they looked young again. They didn’t have painful, damaged skin anymore. Redness and patchiness that usually bothered the workers’ palms and fingers went away. All those handling the snails admitted their skin was now softer than ever. And that’s just from picking them up and placing them in a box.

Fibroblast Activations And DNA Repair

Scientists measured fibroblast growth factor (GFs) activity when the secretions are applied to human skin cells in culture. Growth factors are biochemical messengers that regulate specific cellular activities such as cell proliferation and formation of the extracellular matrix (collagen, fibrin, elastin and glyco molecules that hydrate the skin and allow it to remain flexible and withstand pressure without tearing or becoming damaged).

fibroblasts stem cells of the skin produce collagen, fibrin and glycol molecules that hydrate the skin

Fibroblast cells are known as the stem cells of the skin. Their stimulation and proliferation is crucial for healthier skin.

In a nutshell: Fibroblasts make collagen, glycosaminoglycans, reticular and elastic fibers, glycoproteins found in the extracellular matrix, cytokines (immunomodulating agents or molecules that act as mediators between cells), and sculpt the “bulk” of an organism. Creating new collagen is also essential for acne scars removal.

The snail secretions also repair damaged DNA of senescent (aged) fibroblasts, thus contributing to a healthier skin.

skin fibroblasts DNA repair of aging cells

The study on the serum also showed it has powerful antioxidants for the skin, especially a) SOD (superoxide dismutase enzymes) and b) glutathione. Both prevent damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides and proliferation of acne bacteria. The later makes them crucial in natural acne treatment.

all essential antioxidant enzymes in snail secretions

Glutathione: the master antioxidant

Glutathione is among the most powerful antioxidants and has even been called “the master antioxidant” of the body. It is a triple peptide that exists inside every single cell in your body.

The main function of glutathione is to protect your cells and their mitochondria (the cell’s power producers – they convert energy into forms that are usable by the cell) from oxidative and peroxidative damage. As you age, your body’s ability to produce glutathione decreases.

Glutathione isn’t just an endogenous antioxidant and essential factor in energy utilization, it is also essential in detoxification, and preventing the diseases we associate with aging. And, also inhibits the synthesis and agglutination of melanin, thus preventing age and dark sun spots.

Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes SOD

SOD is as well a “primary” antioxidant. It helps keep your face beautiful under the harshest conditions. It’s also your best chance at keeping a fresh, taut face that projects a clean, warm glow.

That’s why the clinical results with the snail serum are so impressive. SOD is the first antioxidant to attack harmful “superoxide radicals”, a common reactive form of oxygen that is formed when molecular oxygen gains a single electron and attacks susceptible biologic targets, by transforming them into less reactive ions.

But there’s another beautifier at play here:

It Locks in Moisture to Keep Your Skin Firm and Tight

The immune serum provides your skin with one of the most important nutrients for beautiful skin: hyaluronic acid (HA) and other glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, or complex carboHYDRATE molecules. And we add more of it in all our Biocutis® formulations.

true moisturizing with increased glycosaminoglycans among the skin tissues

HA is a hallmark of youth. Like water, HA hydrates your skin and gives your skin cells shape and structure. When you’re young and levels of HA are high, your face looks and feels smooth and tight. Your face has a clean, youthful shape.

But as you age, and levels of HA drop, your skin cells lose their structure. And when they start to collapse, your face starts to sag and droop.

HA has the amazing ability to hold vast amounts of water, absorbing around 1,000 times its weight. It enhances volume and elasticity to restore a youthful balance to your face.

And that’s exactly what your skin needs to be healthier and LOOK younger and more attractive.

Without enough moisture, your skin becomes loose, dry and wrinkled, adding years to your age. But when your skin has enough HA, all that water plumps up your skin for a fuller, younger appearance.

Skin needs moisture to maintain the fullness and smoothness you have come to recognize as youthfulness. If you go back and look at your baby pictures, or pictures of high school, you’ll notice the fuller cheeks, the smooth forehead and of course — no wrinkles. HA is responsible for that. That’s the good news!

But the bad news is, although HA is found naturally in most every cell of your being, it only has a lifespan of about 1 to 3 days max before it is broken down and cleared out of your body. That’s why it’s so imperative that your body continually replenishes your skin with HA.

But unfortunately, as we age, we can’t make the same amount of HA we had as babies. Your skin loses the ability to retain moisture, and that’s when you see it get drier, thinner, and more saggy and deflated. That’s when those dreaded signs of aging appear. This is a reflection of your body’s loss of HA. The wrinkles seem to come out of nowhere.

Nourishes Your Skin With The Nutrients It Lacks, Topically!

Now if you use natural HA topically, significant results can occur. That’s because your skin can absorb HA at a cellular level. Unlike some other moisturizers that simply sit on the top of your skin, HA sinks into the deeper levels of your skin tissues.

It also acts as a “carrier,” delivering all of the anti-aging ingredients in BIOCUTIS deeply into your cells to create youthful skin that no store-bought product can match.

HA on its own would be enough to make the ingredient “BIOCUTIS natural skin care” an amazing find.
But all the beautifying qualities of the serum, combined with its powerful antioxidants and HA, make BIOCUTIS worthy of its near legendary status in South America.

Clinical Evidence

Recently the International Atomic Energy Agency, in Austria, has endorsed clinical evidence that complements the laboratory research that unveiled the molecular basis explaining the vast implications for beauty care and corrective skin treatment of using the secretions of the glands of snails of the species Cryptomphalus Aspersa or Helix Aspersa to empower topical skin care products.

acute-radiodermatitis-treatment-clinical-trials snail helix aspersa secretions

The double blind clinical trials were published by the Agency at its website on May 21, 2014 (4). They confirm “the specially good results obtained by using snail secretions for the treatment of radiodermatitis caused by radiotherapy for cancer”. The study was based on 100 patients. 50 of the patients with acute radiodermatitis (skin lesions with desquamation or blisters and very dry skin) received treatment with the secretions for 3 months.

The Agency says:

“A statistically significant clinical improvement in erythema [redness and irritation], itching and burning pain was noted both at first week and one month after starting therapy. These results open a new way in the future treatment of acute radiodermatitis. Cryptomphalus Aspersa is an alternative therapy for many patients diagnosed of malignant tumors which require radiotherapy with specially good results in breast and neck radiodermatitis.”

Researchers from Spain and from the University of California, Department of Medicine/Dermatology in San Diego (5), published in April 2013, the effects and positive results of snail secretions filtrate in diming wrinkles and improving skin with accumulated solar damage or photo-aged skin.

Clinical studies published by “The Journal of Korean Medicine Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology and Dermatology” (6) had concluded, in 2010, that these snail secretions have positive results on atopic dermatitis (eczema).

While studies in Greece published by the “Journal of Dermatology Treatment” in 2009 (7) proved the benefits of using the secretions in the management of partial thickness burn protocols (second degree burns).

Money Back Guarantee

If this is your first time using Biocutis we offer you a 100% no-risk guarantee. Simply use one of our products, twice a day, for one month and if you don’t get significant improvements, you can simply return the empty jar and we will refund your money. Simple as that.

Remember to check “THE CORE” that powers all our products and to browse through our range of natural skin care products. Each product is formulated to prevent and address the root causes of a specific skin concern, even hard-to-heal skin problems. BUT not skin diseases. For those please consult a Doctor.

Skin Care Hint

Our natural skin care products work in harmony with our biology by nourishing the innate immune cells that reside among our skin tissues. They offer a solution to most skin concerns that is much simpler than modern medicine and science would like to have you believe, yet fully grounded on scientific evidence.

In most cases a few lifestyle adjustments are also necessary to address all but the most serious skin disorders.

Take advantage of the superior performance of the active ingredient created by a living organism. It not only has multiple benefits but also lets you enjoy the safety provided by all things natural and whole.

Affects The Epidermis & Dermis, The Cutis

The epidermis is composed of the outermost layers of cells in the skin, “epi” in Greek meaning “over” or “upon”, which together with the dermis forms the cutis [kyoo-tis].

Our company markets its all natural skin care products powered by Helix aspersa or Cryptomphalus aspersa secretions, made in North America, with the brand Biocutis®.

Technologically Advanced Skincare

The secretions are collected in Chile from snails one by one (a meticulous labour of love); and we use a third generation technology that stimulates their copious secretions.

Our propietary technology also allows us to embed the secretions, as they are being secreted, into microscopic lipid vessels that have an extraordinary affinity with cells’ membranes.

Thus, their antioxidant enzymes, soluble proteins, copper peptides, oligoelements (copper, zinc, selenium, calcium…) and complex biologic carbohydrate (sugar) glycans are not only protected against performance degradation but can penetrate deeply beyond the epidermis into the dermis when applied topically.

BIOCUTIS® serum is scientifically proven, unique, completely natural and collected from live snails without doing any harm to the wondrous little creatures. The serum is exported from our subsidiary in Chile to Korea & The USA.

The quest for a process to collect the secretions and preserve them, begun in the 1980’s. Up to date three technologies have been developed to collect and include the secretions in skin care products. But getting them is still a very labour intensive process, so you will not see them listed as ingredients in luxury or paid celebrity endorsed cosmetic brands.

Manufactured In The USA

In North America, in a state-of-the-art, FDA registered & current Good Manufacturing Practice factory, it truly empowers the best natural skin care products.

The Biocutis® line includes 12 products formulated with the serum and several active botanicals that complement the serum and address specific skin concerns.

Each product is a complete solution for people needing corrective skin care for premature skin aging, pigmentation and other skin disorders, burns, itchy rashes, etc., or for daily beauty care.

Try Biocutis® Today & Get Your Skin Healthy Again, Quickly!

In the column at your right you can click on one of the images that best reflects your skin concerns, and see how easily you can heal and get back your beautiful skin with just one specific Biocutis ® product.

Directions: Coat your skin with a little of ONE of our products, twice a day, and you will experience the process of skin repair from within and the easy way to beautiful, healthy skin.

You might also want to see what do we recommend for cleansing and routine beauty care here.

Snail Creams, Gels… Popular In 3 Continents

Products based on snail secretions are popular in South America, Europe and Asia. Perhaps because people there see and touch them in their gardens and are familiar with their many beautiful colors, shapes and sizes. In Europe because they enjoy gourmet “escargots”, and do not consider them at all gross or slimy.

In America, actress Katie Holmes and celebrity Ashley Robertson are saying they are “impressed by the results”. And grateful to the little garden snails, and to the small farmers in Chile that first discovered their beautiful properties. Now, you wont find us hobnobbing with high-heeled supermodels, but a little bit of gossip seems healthy… as you may enjoy what is said in the UK.

skin care with snail secretions UK Mailonline Katie Holmes


Testimonials are from repeat customers and may not reflect your experience with our products.

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Please note commercial products with snail secretions are not endorsed by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, or the International Atomic Energy Agency, but their scientific research and clinical trials are conclusive.

NO parabens. NO artificial fragrances. NO damaging chemical preservatives. NO pore-clogging waxes. All The Natural It Can Get!

snail-secretions diversity

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